About The Samaj

The History of The American Haidakhan Samaj

In 1979 Babaji asked Leonard Orr, then of Campbell Hot Springs in CA to start an American Haidakhan Samaj. Leonard Orr was the first president and Toby Clark was the first vice-president in 1980. It did not become a 501(c) until approximately 1981-82 when Toby got together with Lok Nath (Monty Smith) , who was then a lawyer, and they researched the legalities.

Toby says Babaji wanted the Samaj to follow the principles of the Sanatana Dharma. It intended to be a membership organization, rather than an owner of properties, although the Samaj has assisted, over the years, in helping ashrams and centers get started.

Since the time of its inception, The American Haidakhan Samaj has become a way for Babaji devotees to participate in the larger Babaji community and support Babaji outreach and service. We are continually interested in new ideas about ways the Samaj can better serve the community.

In the last few years, the Samaj has sponsored visits to many locations to support the sharing of satsang, chanting, aarati, and fire ceremonies with the local devotees. We have more of these programs planned as well as workshops for the sacred fire and puja.

The Samaj is also actively working on raising funds for theHospital/school project in Chilianaula, India and for paying off the construction loan of the new Kirtan hall at the Haidakhandi Universal Ashram in Colorado. The creation and support of Aarati groups around the country is another one of our projects.

We invite you to be part of The American Haidakhan Samaj and to help spread Babaji’s message, love, and work throughout America. The energy that builds when Babaji devotees come together in ritual, work, and chanting is awesome. We invite you to be part of this manifestation of Babaji’s energy and love.