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“Ashram” is another word for Spiritual Center. In the typical       Haidakhandi Ashram, there is a temple with the daily ceremonies and worship rituals. Many of these places have accommodations for guests overnight. If you would like to visit any of Babaji’s Ashrams, it is always good etiquette to call ahead and make arrangements. You ask about schedule, protocol, dress code, and if there is anything you could bring that would help the place. You can also inquire about suggested donation to stay over night, to be clear about  what is expected.

Babaji Centers in the United States
Aarati and Havan Schedules

  • Atlanta, GA – Monthly Aarati
    Shirley Chambers  at  Kabalah Center                    404-320-1038
  • Columbia, MO – Weekly Aarati and Kirtan.          Havan new & full moons.
    Melinda 573-499-0070
  • Corona, CA – Contact for schedule. 
    Randi Rubin    Email:
  • Delray Beach, FL – Aarati and celebration first Sunday of the month. 
    Sal & Sarena Morello 561-274-0883
  • Fremont, CA – Contact for schedule                     Nirmal Sharma  510-270-8125                          
  • Minneapolis, MN – Kirtan
    Susan Shehata at Raising the Consciousness                                   Or Colleen Buckman  612-669-0794
  • Treasure Island, FL – Aarati every two weeks. 
    Sharda and Jeffrey  727-363-0800
  • Waynesboro, VA – Aarati Fridays & Sundays by appointment.                                                         Leonard & Elvie Orr  540-943-1689 or 540-855-0551
  • Yorba Linda, CA    Contact for schedule.     Chandresh Trivedi     charlie_trivedi@
  • On the side of the page with ashram and center information is:

Haidakhandi Universal Ashram

  • O. Box 9                 Crestone, Colorado          81131        (719) 256 4108

The Babaji Ashram is located in the beautiful mountains of southern Colorado in Crestone. Haidakhan (Herakhan) Baba, also known as Mahavatar Babaji from Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, appeared in India from 1970 to 1984. Babaji instructed us to build ashrams around the world where people could come for spiritual upliftment. On our magnificent 101 acres of land we have a beautiful temple dedicated to the Divine Mother, many call it the Lakshmi Temple. Our beloved murti of the Divine Mother, Haidakhandeswari, is life-size and was installed in 1989.

We also have a large shop called the Maha Lakshmi Shop. In the shop we carry devotional items and Babaji related items. These include murtis (statues) of Krishna, Durga, Ganesh, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Hanuman, Buddha, Tara, and Shiva, malas, yantras, puja (pooja) items including lotas, aarati lamps, and bells, Babaji books, Babaji videos, and devotional chanting tapes and CD’s. Some of the most popular Babaji books are I am Harmony, Fire of Transformation, Babaji – Meeting with the Truth, Babaji – Message From the Himalayas, Babaji Mahavatar, the Teachings of Babaji, and Gateway to the Light.

Life at the Ashram is styled after the life we led with Babaji at His Ashram in Haidakhan, India. We arise early for spiritual practice, meditation, and aarati (a sung worship service). We then have a simple organic breakfast followed by our main spiritual practice, karma yoga. Karma yoga is the practice of selfless service offered to the Divine. During karma yoga we try to repeat the name of the Divine as we do our service, as instructed by Haidakhan Babaji. This spiritual practice is called jap or japa. The name of God frequently used is Om Namah Shivaya. This ancient Sanskrit mantra is a powerful tool for purifying the mind. Our main meal is at 1pm and is once again simple, organic, and vegetarian. We end the day with more time in the temple singing aarati and chanting. More information about the life at the Ashram, visiting, and directions are on this web site. Thousands of visitors come here each year, many to have the darshan of the Divine Mother or Lakshmi. Those that stay and participate in the karma yoga (service) add their love and energy to this beautiful home of Mahavatar Babaji in the Rockies.



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