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The American Haidakhan Samaj is a spiritual service community inspired by Haidakhan Baba. Our mission is to practice, share, and promote Babaji’s teachings of truth, simplicity and love.

About Haidakhan Babaji

This site and Organization are based on the inspiration and work of Shri Haidakhan Babaji, who helped others through His simple ashram in the Kumoan foothills of the Himalayas in the village of Haidakhan, District Almora, India,  during the years 1970-1984. ” Shri  Babaji”, (a term for reverend father) originally spent a lot of time in the more traditional meditative state and slowly built up a following by calling people to Him from around the world, though He never left India.  Shri Babaji taught people to follow a sadhana that was practical for their lives in the modern world, one which involved living with the principles of Truth, Simplicity and Love, practicing selfless service through karma yoga and repetition of the Divine Name, such as Om Namaha Shivaya.  This great Master, who many believe to be the Immortal Babaji of Yogananda’s book, Autobiography of a Yogi, taught others by example, working with them individually whether they were present in India with Him or not,  and by establishing a daily structure in His Ashrams, which forms the basis for Ashrams worldwide today.

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The American Haidakhan Samaj is a 501(c)3 non-profitorganization and contributions are tax-deductible.   It is not necessary to be American or live in the USA or North America to join.  Click here     Thank you for your support!


Shri Babaji (April 20th, 1983)
“The main purpose of the Samaj is service to humanity.  Service to humanity is the best service to G
od.  Our motto is “Work is worship”.  It is our duty, as those working within the Samaj, to show the path to those who are in need of help, inspiring them to overcome lethargy which is the cause for inaction in the world, inspiring them to work.  Therefore I  first want to root out lethargy in you. In this Yuga, the only way to obtain siddhis, to become really strong, is Karma – action. Whenever true progress was made in the world, it was due to the hardworking individuals of a particular Age. Today it is our task to go everywhere, from house to house, spreading righteousness, guiding everyone on the path of karma, giving them practical instructions, being ourselves examples. By karma alone, can we become prosperous. We have to work to our last breath.”